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Who We Are

Education Management Solutions (EMS) has been an industry pioneer in video and content management solutions for higher ed institutions and healthcare training environments for over 25 years.

Working alongside subject matter experts, we serve as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the training and education market forward with breakthrough technologies. Our innovations range from clinical simulation management software and hardware to counselor education, virtual interactive computer-based training tools, and cloud-based video and content management software for higher education and corporate training environments —and now, with Competency.AI™, powerful machine learning technology that aggregates big data and tracks curriculum and learner performance, key clinical competencies, and EPAs (Entrustable Professional Activities) over time.

Our Solution

When it comes to training the next generation of highly qualified clinicians, institutions have been challenged to meet evolving – and growing – educational requirements, and educators need the right tools to evaluate, analyze, and quickly assess each individual learner’s performance, as well as curriculum and program performance over time.

EMS’ powerful Competency.AI platform leverages artificial intelligence to map how well a curriculum is addressing core competencies. Its powerful machine learning engine maps curriculum assessment data to a school’s competency taxonomy, tracks learner performance, and provides progress snapshots across key clinical competencies and EPAs through longitudinal, individualized fingerprinting.

“Having been experts in AV and simulation technology for 25 years, we are constantly seeking innovations for educators,” says Anurag Singh, EMS President and CEO. “Institutions are looking for best practices for tracking competencies and EPAs, but they may not know if their training and assessment models are truly effective. Many are also struggling to aggregate data from multiple sources and assessment systems. Competency.AI addresses a known need for intuitive, streamlined data aggregation, sophisticated tracking and competency gap analysis capabilities for individual learners, cohorts, curricula, and programs, and intuitive tools to alleviate the burden of the accreditation process.”


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