Student Progression Tracking

Proactively Analyze and Enhance Your Curriculum

Medical Student Tracking Software to Analyze and Enhance Learner Performance

Easily manage, track, and report on core learner competencies

Improve Student Success Using Competency Gap Analysis

Competency can be looked at as a form of mastery. It’s therefore essential for educators to track whether their students are mastering – or missing – specific competencies. Competency.AITM supports automatic aggregation of mass amounts of data for simple and effective student and program assessment.

Automate Data Integration and Academic Evaluation for Institutions

Today’s higher ed institutions deploy multiple assessment systems in order to get a complete view of their programs and evaluate students on exams, team learning, case learning, co-curricular activities, and more. Competency.AI integrates multiple data systems and sources into a single, readily available view, streamlining day-to-day processes and allowing for long-term analysis.

Centralize All Accreditation Data to Simplify Reaccreditation Processes

Universities spend years putting together accurate accreditation data. Competency.AI’s sophisticated and seamless medical student tracking software saves time and alleviates the burden of aggregating data, giving educators additional bandwidth to tackle the more insightful areas of accreditation.

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Student Progress Tracking Software Built for Healthcare Programs

Extensive LMS Integration Options

Competency.AI Medical Student Tracking Software Features

Take Charge of Assessment Management, Competency Gap Analysis, and Student Success

User-Based Dashboards

Empower your administration, faculty, and learners to access data that's relevant to them via a simple sign-on dashboard.

Automatic Data Integration

Get a 360° view of your learners and curriculum by pulling multiple sources and systems together in a single, simplified view.

Competency and EPA Tracking

Stay ahead of changing competency and Entrustment standards by viewing outcomes at multiple levels.

Dashboard Flexibility

Capture and display data that aligns with your curriculum, and agilely adapt your dashboard settings to meet evolving program requirements.

Remediation and Learning Plan

Go beyond paper or email correspondence and track conversations that are important to getting a learner back on the path to success.

Longitudinal Tracking

Track longitudinal views of competencies, EPAs, body and organ systems, diseases, skills, threads, and other curricular categories over the course of time.


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5 Key Benefits of Competency-Based Medical Education in Undergraduate Medical Education

Direct Observation Tool Mobile Application

Medical Student Tracking Software on Demand

The Direct Observation and Clinical Assessment Tool is designed for direct observation and clinical assessment. It enhances the learner and preceptor experience with a built-in mobile app to support assessment in challenging and busy clinical settings. Native integration with Competency.AI’s student progress tracking software allows users to create, manage, and deploy customized assessments for students to complete directly within their mobile app workspace.

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