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Modernize Your Clinical Training Workflows With Competency.AI™

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Clerkship and Rotations Management

Competency.AI features clerkship and rotations management tools which provide a bridge for healthcare training programs to optimize the full spectrum of their ‘learners’ education across their entire enrollment lifespan. Every clinical rotation program aspect can be managed within the centralized, userfriendly interface. With Competency.AI, all clinical rotation program resources can collaborate to execute and manage the core processes that are required to meet clinical rotational criteria, while tracking student performance goal progress.

From the digital data repository to skills checklists, scheduling and site management, and patient encounters and assessment tracking, Competency.AI’s clerkship and rotations management software provides a one-stop shop to successfully manage your clinical rotations and stay longitudinally aligned with professional accreditation requirements. Modernize your clinical training management with Competency.AI and make it easy for your students to advance through their training progressions.

Key Benefits

Student-Centric Mobile Accessibility

• Allows for simplified rotations tracking
• Easier checklist completion
• Streamlines learner assessment processes
• Eliminates communication hassles
• Includes on-the-fly patient encounter case logging
• Optimizes accreditation requirement fulfillment

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Solution Features

Multiple User Types

Permissions based on user type, including Admin, Faculty, Director, Site Manager, and Learner

Rotations Management & Scheduling

Streamline your clinical rotation scheduling and view all students, preceptors, and affiliate sites

Patient Encounter Logging

Enable students to log patient encounters through the system and on the go with extensible mobile accessibility

Checklists and Assessment Data Analysis

Leverage checklists and assessment tools to track learner progress against competencies across their enrollment lifespan

QR Code Checklists

Preceptors can pull up checklists by scanning a QR code from the learner’s phone, allowing them to submit assessments in a timely manner

Centralized Data Repository

Capture, store, and manage student and faculty data in a centralized repository to meet accreditation standards

Affiliate Site & Preceptor Tracking

Handles affiliate sites, rotations, contacts, preceptor agreements, and accompanying details all in one view

Advanced Search Features

System-wide search for quick, easy access to the data and documentation needed to stay in line with learner progression criteria

Integrated Email Notifications

Automated notifications let users know when schedules have been set and updated, and when assessments have been assigned and completed

Cloud-Based System

No hardware to install, stays current through live system updates, and integrates with LMS grading and assessment systems

Best In Class Support

With comprehensive onboarding and one-touch support, you’ll sleep easy knowing your systems, staff, and students are fully supported

Multiple Ways to Handle Assessment Tracking Workflows Inside Competency.AI

Modern Workflow:

Modern Workflow

Traditional Workflow:

Traditional Workflow

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